Heat, Pacers game saved from a streaker

The Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers Game 5 has been full of antics.

Whether it be Lance Stevenson giving Miami the choke sign, Juwan Howard taking exception to Lance’s act, Danny Granger’s tough guy act to the plenty of hard fouls in Game 5.

But perhaps this could have been the proverbial cherry on top of the cake for this series.

According to Fox Sports Florida, police arrested a man from streaking across the court during the game.

A Miami police officer confirmed that a man was arrested during the second half of Miami’s 115-83 playoff win over Indiana for attempting to run onto the court wearing a shirt but having no bottoms on. The man was spotted before he could make it onto the playing surface.

The officer said in addition to his streaking ploy, the man made physical contact with another officer, which was described as battery. The man then was hauled off to jail, although specifics were not immediately available on his identity or the exact charges he faced.

As much as this would have been hysterical, perhaps it is good the would-be streaker was stopped. According to the report, the man was 300 pounds! Many eyes were stopped from being melted right off people’s face had this fat guy streaked.

Of course if anyone is going to attempt to streak during an NBA game, I hope they do it right and take a page from the best.