If No Martin, Lakers May Pursue ‘Sheed

Los Angeles LakersA year ago, none of us would’ve said the Los Angeles Lakers needed front line help.  When Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum left the game Lamar Odom would come in and it was like the Lakers never missed a beat.

Now when Pau or Bynum leave the court, Josh McRoberts comes in.  Say what you want about McBob, but he’s not on Odom’s level, unless Odom is out of shape and disinterested in basketball like he is now.  If both Bynum and Gasol come out then you’re looking at the front court combo of McBob and Troy Murphy.  We’ll call them Twilight from here on out.  Given the fact that they have Twilight backing up their All-Star center and power forward, it makes sense that they’re making a run at Kenyon Martin.

Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports writes that Martin will choose between about a half dozen teams this weekend.  The other interesting note of the Spears story is that if Martin chooses someone besides the Lakers, the team may make a run at Rasheed Wallace.

A couple thoughts about Wallace in purple and gold.  First, he’d look really stupid wearing yellow.  Probably purple too.  Second, I don’t think any team looking for a little post help, and by little I mean 10-15 minutes of defense and a couple turn around jumpers in the post, should pass on at least taking a look at ‘Sheed.  What I’d really like to see is the sideshow a Lakers game would become if they signed Gilbert Arenas, Kenyon Martin AND Rasheed Wallace.  How do we make this happen?