Is this the new logo for the Brooklyn Nets?

It was a fun 35-year run for the Nets in New Jersey but the curtain has fallen and the Nets will play in Brooklyn, NY starting next season.

But as the Nets look forward to a change of scenery, so comes a change in logo for the Nets.

This is what the Nets rolled with prior to the move to Brooklyn:

However, a photo was leaked by someone working with the Nets (h/t Deadspin) of what could be the team’s new-look logo:

If the leaked photo of the new logo is true (though it would go along with a teased photo of the new logo), then can’t say much has changed aside from the color scheme. And does this mean a color scheme change for the Nets next season as well? I hope not since the red, white, and blue look uniforms look pretty cool.

Overall, I think the simple look is fine. It pays homage to the logo used while in New Jersey and recognizes the team’s new home with the letter “B” representing Brooklyn.