Is this the new Nets’ court?

It is a new city and a new look for the Brooklyn Nets, formerly know as the New Jersey Nets. Gone is the  IZOD Center and in is the Barclays Center. Gone are the red, white and blue-colored jerseys and in are the black and white uniforms.

And as the Nets' transformation continues to move along in anticipation of their Brooklyn debut next season, so does the arena that is still under construction as we speak.

However, is this a sneak peek at the new Nets' arena? Seems like it is and if so, it's looking pretty sweet (h/t Nets Daily). Here is what the photographer had to say:

The poster reported that "the team was running a practice setup in the Izod center before they put it in Barclays Center. It's a new type of wood flooring, no team has except Brooklyn." He added that the set-up was supposed to be secret "we weren't suppose to take pics… Lol but we're able to sneak that one."

If this is the new court, it is pretty much in line of many standard NBA courts. Nothing fancy, straight forward, and jives with the team colors. It's a good thing too because who can stand to bring back those wacky courts. Who can forget this massive fail by the Rockets years ago?