Jeremy Lin asked Chandler Parsons to sleep on his couch

Jeremy Lin was sleeping on a couch as he captured the NBA world's attention last season with the New York Knicks.

Despite inking a $25 million contract to bring Linsanity to Houston next season, he has not forgot what made him succesful.

Some high profile athletes sleep in hyperbaric chambers. Jeremy Lin sleeps best on couches. Which is why he asked Chandler Parsons if he could crash on his couch this weekend in Houston.

Parsons tweeted the following screen shot, which read:

"Sorry to bug u but u think i could crash on ur couch tmrw night until my furniture comes in?"

Something tells me it is possible that Lin does not have his furniture scheduled to deliver until August.

After Parsons posted their text message conversation on Twitter, Lin responded by saying the following:

"So answer the question…can i? Haha."

No word on whether or not Jeremy did sleep on Chandler's couch this weekend or not.

What we do know from this exchange, however, is that Jeremy Lin does not like hotels.  


HatTip: USAToday

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