KG and TD teaming up in San Antonio?

They are the two premier big men of this era – San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan and Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett. Both have dominated the paint offensively and defensively, won NBA titles and garnered many accolades along the way. But now that the season is over and their NBA careers are coming to an end soon, could TD and KG be forming the next “Twin Towers” in San Antonio?

According to the Express-News (h/t Project Spurs), the Spurs have their sights sets on Garnett in the offseason.

The Spurs will consider everything and everyone this summer when free agency begins. But one option tossed out this weekend by one in the Spurs organization is not just another name.

Kevin Garnett.

Now that would be one sight to see and talk about a way for the two best forwards to end their careers than playing together gunning for a title but let’s face it, it is just one huge pipe-dream for San Antonio.

KG is loyal to Boston, Doc Rivers and the rest of the “Big Four” of Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. The team was one win away from returning to the NBA Finals after being beset with injuries to role players (Jeff Green) and having key players endure injuries throughout the season (Allen with ankle injuries).

Furthermore, the Atlantic Division will still be a weak division next season. The Knicks will not improve much, the Raptors will be, well, the Raptors, the Nets will still be rebuilding, and the Sixers will be looking to improve should Andre Iguodala not wear a Philly jersey next season. The Spurs will have to contend in a brutal division with the Thunder, Mavericks (should they get Williams or Howard), the Rockets, and a Hornets team with Anthony Davis sure to be selected at No. 1 in the upcoming NBA Draft. It will be much harder for the Spurs to contend for a title than it would be for the Celtics.

Also, the Spurs won’t have the money needed to entice KG to San Antonio. They must take care of Duncan first (he is a free agent come July) and decide what to do with key free agent role players such as Danny Green, Gary Neal, Boris Diaw, and DeJuan Blair.

Oh and there is the little issue about Duncan not particularly fond of Garnett.

A TD-KG duo would make the Spurs contenders yet again, but San Antonio can try all they want. For KG it’s retirement or Boston and nothing more.