Knicks have PG questions but not interested in ‘The Answer’

The New York Knicks have a terrific frontline – Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler. All that’s missing is a legit point guard to steady the team, hit the open shots to free the big men and feed the Knicks’ frontline.

New York thought Baron Davis would fill the spot but he had an injury riddled season including a devastating knee injury in the 2012 playoffs. Mike Bibby is a shell of his former self while with the Kings Toney Douglas isn’t a good fit for what the Knicks need at point guard, Iman Shumpert is more of a two-guard and Jeremy Lin will be able to help next season but his overall game still needs work and he is also coming off a knee injury.

It’s safe to say a point guard is priority number one for New York heading into next season. However, there is one NBA vet out there who could fill the Knicks’ need — Allen Iverson.

Iverson has been playing overseas (Turkey) and has proved to still have some gas left in the tank. And as much as it might seem to be a good fit (considering New York’s financial situation), the Knicks have zero interest in “The Answer.”

According to the Post, “The Knicks won’t pursue [Iverson], deeming it too big a gamble.”

Too big of a gamble?

I can see why New York may shy away from A.I. (mainly his age, wear-and-tear, his past with the whole “practice” rant, and unwillingness to come off the bench in Memphis), and will have to take care of their own free agents (Lin, and Steve Novak) but why not give him a shot?

The available free agent guards are going to want a hefty contract (for example Steve Nash, and Raymond Felton) and according to the report, the Knicks may only have a $2 million lower exception to use. Moreover, with the state of the Knicks, they are not looking like championship contender material so no big-name free agent point guards (Nash) will be clamouring to join New York.

Iverson, on the other hand, could be given a one-year contract, would accept the Knicks’ lower exception to come back to the NBA, would accept a role off the bench if he really wants back in the NBA, and he will bring in the fans and see a surge in ticket sales from those wanting to see the return of A.I.

Yes, many are saying Iverson won’t ever step on an NBA court again and despite his age, he still wants to play basketball.

I say the Knicks, or any other team looking for a veteran presence at the point guard spot off the bench, give Iverson a shot. He is still loved in the NBA and deserves another chance.