‘Lin-til’ soup for you

Even though “Lin-sanity” might be cooling off now, it sure has not stopped New York City restaurants from trying to cash in on New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin’s rise atop NBA popularity.

By now you must have heard all the plays on Lin’s name. From “Lin-credible,” “Lin-ing” to the ever popular “Lin-sanity” now comes a new one should you ever be in the “Big Apple” and get a craving for soup.

Check out what one New York City restaurant is serving with the approval of Shaquille O’Neal — “Lin-til” soup. Get it?

Now I am sure this restaurant didn’t get any permission from the NBA or the Knicks to use Lin’s image for profit but this goes to show you the lengths of Lin’s rise in popularity.

Just hope Seinfeld’s soup Nazi is not there to deny you a big bowl of “Lin-til” soup.

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