Love, Galo And Koufos(!!!) Get Paid

Kevin LoveYesterday was a randomly big day for the NBA draft class of 2008. It was the last day contract extensions could be handed out before that group of 30 hits restricted free agency this summer. We’ve known for some time Derrick Rose was going to get paid and last month it became official. Until last week, he was the only member of that draft class to get extended. The Oklahoma City Thunder quieted any Durant/Westbrook feud for now by giving the young point guard a five year, $80 million extension.

The only other guy that seemed like a lock to get a max extension was Kevin Love. Of course with Minnesota and David Kahn, nothing comes that easy. Love and the T-Wolves eventually came to an agreement for four years instead of the five Love wanted, so Kahn instead gave Love the option to leave after third year of his contract.

While it looked like a handful of guys were also going to get extensions, negotiations for guys like Eric Gordon, Roy Hibbert and Nic Batum hit the midnight deadline without striking a deal. It turns out Denver forward Danilo Galinari and center Kosta Koufos were the only other two members of the class of 2008 to get extended. As Chris Sheridan of put it (link has full list of who got extended and who didn’t in case you’re curious), back ups don’t get extensions unless they’re Kosta Koufos. Galo signed for four years and $42 million. Coming off his performance against the Knicks, that feels like a steal.

I would say the most surprising non extension was Eric Gordon. Dell Demps got the OK from Stern to extend Gordon for four years and a deal couldn’t get done. Curious if the Hornets were low balling Gordon or if his agent was asking for too much money. Either way, expect the two sides to get something done in July. I can’t imagine the Hornets would let the centerpiece of the Chris Paul trade go for nothing. Also, expect big guys like Roy Hibbert and JaVale McGee to get offers from other teams, only to have them quickly matched by their current teams. The only questions is how much will a team overpay for some size.