Magic’s Anderson casts fellow teammates as Star Wars characters

For those who know me, know I am a huge Star Wars fan. It doesn’t take much to get me started on the saga and that’s why I totally was into the casting job Orlando Magic’s Ryan Anderson did to his teammates recently.

It all started when Glen Davis said the Magic need “Jedi force” for the rest of the season and Anderson just ran with it.

“Stan (Van Gundy) is definitely Yoda. Dwight (Howard) is Luke Skywalker,” Anderson said. “I’ll take Han Solo. I love Harrison Ford.”

Well Anderson, as much as I respect your casting call, I might disagree with a few of your selections for characters.

Here is how I would cast a few of the Magic players and personnel and their Star Wars character counterparts.

Howard as Anakin Skywalker

Just like Anakin Skywalker, Howard is on the verge of making a decision — cross into the dark or stay on the light side. If he leaves Orlando after next season, he will be seen as turning his back on the Magic and becoming Lord Vader in the eyes of Magic fans, switching to the dark side for the seduction of a big market. If he stays with Orlando, he will be seen as Luke Skywalker, and redeeming himself into the light side of the force.

Van Gundy as Mace Windu

Mace Windu knew something was up with Anakin. He didn’t trust him, and was leery about the Jedi. And in the end, even though Mace tried to save the Republic, and give Anakin a chance to make him a believer, he was betrayed and ultimately killed by Anakin. Sound familiar? Van Gundy could be in the same spot. If Howard leaves Orlando, he would have killed any Van Gundy’s efforts to guide and help Howard into a champion.

Otis Smith as Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar was the bumbling fool, always making the wrong decisions, and pretty much messing things up and getting into trouble. Kind of like how Smith has done to the Magic’s salary cap, roster moves, questionable trades (Hedo anyone?) and putting the Magic into a situation which seems impossible to acquire players to make Howard stay in the Magic Kingdom. Remember, it was Jar Jar who really set things in motion for the fall of the Republic. Could Smith do the same for the fall of the Magic if he can’t keep Howard in Orlando?

Quentin Richardson as a misfiring Stormtrooper

The Empire’s infantry isn’t know for it’s accuracy with a blaster. Countless times have the rebels been in their scopes, only to miss blasting them wildly. Same can be said for Q-Rich. Richardson is shooting 37% this season and a career 39% from the field. Safe to say Richardson sure does fire off a lot of shots but doesn’t knock them down as much either.

Glen Davis as a Gammorean Guard

Big, fat, strong but cumbersome and animalistic. And as much as that may describe “Big Baby,” it can also describe the pig-faced Gammorean Guards who patrolled Jabba’s palace. It wasn’t too long ago when Davis was with the Celtics, he let out a primal scream where spit came flying out of his mouth. Much like a pig at feeding time.

Jameer Nelson as an Ewok

Short, unassuming but pretty good in a fight. The Ewoks turned the tide in the Rebel’s final battle with the Empire. Same can be said for Nelson. When push comes to shove for the Magic, Jameer will be there. As Jameer proved throughout his career, he may be short but he is a deadly point guard. If he shows up consistently for the Magic in the playoffs, he could also turn the tide on Orlando’s title hopes.

What about you Crossover fans? Can you cast a Magic player in a Star Wars role?