Mario Chalmers’ giant ego lists him in the top tier of NBA point guards

I was going to do a nifty little gimmick for this piece where I started each paragraph with the name of an NBA point guard that I think is better than Miami Heat PG Mario Chalmers. Then I realized that there is no way I could write that many paragraphs unless I started making new ones halfway through every sentence.

Boston Celtics PG Rajon Rondo recently said that he was the top point guard in the NBA. When asked about Rondo’s comment, Chalmers threw in his own opinion.

"He's not the best, but he's in the top five. There are a lot of great point guards in the league, Deron Williams, Chris Paul and Steve Nash. There are a lot of great guards in the NBA so for him to say he's the best is a pretty bold statement. I'd say that I am in the front end of the top 10."

The front end of the top 10 presumably means the top half, which would be five. If we give Chalmers the benefit of the doubt and say he ranks himself fifth, then that means he thinks there are only four point guards in the league better than him. We can assume Rondo is one, which leaves three more.

Here’s your tough challenge of the day: name four point guards (other than Rajon Rondo) that you would rather have leading your offense instead of Mario Chalmers to show him he is not in the top five.

ThyBlackMan.comWhat’s that? You’ve come up with 10 in less than five seconds?

Not only would I definitely say that Chalmers is in the bottom half of NBA starting point guards, but he is close to being in the bottom half of the bottom half. Yes, I might rank him in the bottom seven or eight starting point guards in the league. Chalmers’ job is to pass the ball to one of the three All-Stars on his team and occasionally hit an open jump shot when one of them gets double-teamed. He has one of the easiest jobs in the NBA, and he does it serviceably, but there is nothing that makes him stand out as being a member of the elite.

Of course, this whole thing could just be Chalmers’ scheme to try and troll us all and get people talking about him (which he has definitely succeeded in doing). He loves to flap his mouth and get his name out there. So if that was his goal, congrats Mario, you have done it. If he is serious, someone should check his head for a concussion.

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