Maybe Deron Williams isn’t going to bolt Brooklyn

For a while there, it sure sounded like Deron Williams was going to bolt from the Nets as fast as he could.  But things may be changing.!/NYDNInterNets/statuses/197325727513849856

Twitter / @NYDNInterNets: From everything I’ve been … via kwout

Maybe it’s the new building… the new logo & gear… or the realization that being a big name in the biggest market and playing for the team that can give you the biggest contract has some appeal.  And the way the Knicks are going, it’s entirely possible the Nets, if they can make the right moves and get some help for DWill in the Barclays Center, can steal some of the thunder from the imploding Manhattanites.  

Of course, the Nets will have to be smarter than the desperation trade for Gerald Wallace, who has said he will test free agency.  Now… if Williams stays, then Wallace might too.  And the way things are going in Orlando, I wouldn’t rule out a trade for Dwight Howard, which was supposedly done until Dwight had a last minute pang of guilt.  

It’s WAY too early in the game to make the call either way.  But the Nets are without a doubt going to do whatever they can to get Williams to stay.  They need a star to sell to fans in Brooklyn (and Manhattan if they’re going to entice people to get on the subway for a game).  Williams is a selling point.  And he’s also the Nets only chance to get Dwight over the summer.

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