Mike Tyson sings about the NBA

Mike Tyson is getting ready for his career on Broadway. Although, if his one-man show includes any singing, he’ll have his audience wishing he had bitten their ears off.

Tyson appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” before the NBA Finals started to sing a tribute to LeBron James. Not to seem biased, he followed it up with a song dedicated to Kevin Durant. The LeBron song is more of a power ballad while the Durant song has more of an upbeat, hard rock feel to it. Both are like a train wreck or a car crash, you want to look away but you just can’t.

I have to admit though, some of the lyrics are rather witty, which makes me think they were written by Kimmel’s team of writers and not Tyson himself. The performance just reeks of desperation of a guy trying to stir up some buzz before he attempts to make money off sharing the chaos that is his life.

If anything, Mike Tyson is good for a laugh these days. Ever since the first Hangover movie, it’s become fun to watch him make a fool of himself. So enjoy Tyson’s contribution to the NBA, for as long as your ears can take it.