MSG President jokes with Rockets’ GM, gives Lin jersey

By now you know the whole “Linsanity” wave that came crashing on the New York Knicks’ and NBA. Point guard Jeremy Lin’s sudden rise after playing in the D-League and bounced around the NBA with the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets captured the attention of fans, the media and the basketball world.

Oh and speaking of Houston, the team decided to waive him early on this season much to the benefit of the Knicks. So what is the best way to show good sportsmanship? By rubbing it in the face of one of the men who waived him of course.

And that is exactly what MSG President Scot O’Neil did (h/t

While in Boston for the annual MIT Sloan Sports Conference, O’Neil decided the best way to show his gratitude to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey for waiving Lin by giving him an autographed Lin jersey.

This will certainly just sting Morey to know he could have capitalized on “Linsanity” especially seeing how Morey is such an advanced stats fan. It seems not even advanced stats could have told him Lin would have averaged 21.5 points, 8.9 assists and 2.3 steals in the games he started this season for New York.

Of course this was simply some playful ribbing and perhaps no one saw Lin’s rise coming. However, even Morey openly admitted he should have kept Lin but one has to wonder if O’Neil will also be sending a jersey to the Warriors anytime soon.