2012 NBA All Star Uniforms Announced

The NBA All Star jerseys and apparel were released today, for the upcoming game hosted by the city of Orlando, and below is what each team’s jerseys will look like courtesy of Uni Watch.


As you can see, in a subliminally desperate attempt to send a message throughout the NBA that Dwight Howard is Orlando’s All Star for the next million years, the host city is making D-12 wear essentially the same jersey that he does during the regular season.  

Not that they don’t look pretty smooth here though, because I think they do. If I was ten years younger, I might even rock one of these bad boys too; with an undershirt of course.

I thought the warm-up jackets looked particularly cool also, which is good because I do consider them to be age appropriate for me still. So if anybody wants to send one out my way to Cleveland, I’ll definitely wear it. Either conference would work, but I’ve heard that blue does more to bring out my eyes.


ESPN’s Page 2 has everything else All Star gear
 related as well, including the shoes, shorts, and shooting shirts, so check that out over there if you’re interested. Overall, a real quality job by Adidas here in my opinion.

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