No, Shaq won’t be playing ball in Mexico

Sports retirements are often like Seinfeld break-ups… "everyone knows the first one never takes."

Every time someone quits, there is always at least some little rumbling somewhere when a person who has played a kids' game his whole life misses being part of that atmosphere. Invariably, recently retired players who might have something left in the tank are name-dropped as possible playoff-deadline pick-ups… or as possible big-name acquisitions for some league somewhere looking to make a splash. 

There was a rumor that Shaq would be one of those guys, but that is not going to happen.

Is there any truth to the reports that you'll be playing games in the Mexican League next month?

"No truth to that. It's kind of unfortunate that so-called experts have to get their sources from the Internet. It's backwards. Especially like when people from ESPN know me and they can call me and ask me, but somebody else said it so they want to be the first to report it even though it's not true. However, we could talk, but nobody has contacted me."

So you definitely won't?

"Probably not."

There really is no viable reason for Shaq to have even considered going to Mexico to play ball. He doesn't need to "expand his brand"… and even if he did, Mexico is not the place to do it. If he wanted to actually continue his career, he might be able to find a spot somewhere in the NBA, or at least a bigger, better league. And if he just missed the camaraderie, then he can try being some team's consultant.

The bottom line is, this never made sense from the start. The only thing this could have done is tarnish his reputation. I would rather see Shaq pretend he fits into a Buick (side note: you're not fooling anyone there, Shaquille) than play in some random league in some misguided comeback attempt.

(Via: PBT)