Nowitzki remains undecided about Olympic games

The former NBA champions Dallas Mavericks never really got into their groove this season. They were mired in the Lamar Odom drama, hit with the injury bug, and their star, Dirk Nowitzki, admitted to fatigue.

Prior to this season, Dirk played for Germany at Olympic qualifying games and admitted he may have made a bad decision about playing this past summer. It got to the point he sat out several games to rest. Add this all up (and toss in a shortened season) and Dirk simply was not Dirk for most of the season.

But the 2012 Olympics are coming up fast and if Germany is going to even contend for a medal, they will need Nowitzki. However, whether Dirk will be London with the German national team remains to be seen.

Head coach of Germany, Svetislav Pesic, recently spoke on Nowitzki and whether he will be in London.

“Nowitzki needs rest from everything, after the end of the season for Dallas Mavericks. We will have a meeting, if I am in Germany in June, about the possibility of him playing with us, this summer. We talked and we said we will be in touch in June. I will call him and we will meet to discuss, what he needs to do, if he is going to play with the national team or not.”

If you are a Mavs fan or part of the organization, you rather have Dirk sit out the Olympics. Yes, there is country pride all international NBA players feel but let’s face it, Germany probably will not medal. With teams such as Team USA, Spain, France, Argentina and Brazil huge favorites to win a medal, Germany would be a long shot at best, even with Nowitzki.

Granted, Dirk didn’t have much of a drop off in point production this season but his field goal percentage dipped (45% as opposed to shooting 51% last season) and his three-point percentage dipped as well (36% as opposed to shooting 39% last season).

The best thing Dirk can do to help his basketball career in general, is to sit out the London games, rest and get ready for next season. Also, he isn’t getting any younger and any extra mileage on his legs would be to the detriment of the Mavs and perhaps German basketball.