People Who Know Deron Williams “Don’t Think He’s Feeling It In New Jersey”

The sources cited in Ken Berger’s most recent Deron Williams report go much deeper than the traditional ‘people close to the situation’ typically would.

In this case, the people who are talking about Deron Williams’ unhappiness with not just the woeful Nets of New Jersey/Brooklyn sort of are actually ‘a person who knows Deron Williams and his tendencies well’.

I’m going to interpret that as meaning one of Deron Williams’ friends spoke to Berger on this one, but I’m only speculating. I suppose someone who knows Williams and his tendencies well could also include his family doctor, 7th grade teacher, high school basketball coach, or a current NBA scout as well. Only Berger and the person who told him that know for sure.

New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams, left, puts up a shot in front of Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Orlando, Fla. , Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011.

Semantics aside though, Ken’s just about the best there is in this busines of basketball reporting. So wherever the information is coming from about Williams’ possible willingness to take less money to go home to sign with, and play for, the Dallas Mavericks next season comes with some deserving respect and validity.

Here is that complete report from

Rival execs are dubious that a Nets package centered around the injured Brook Lopez and first-round picks will be enough to entice Orlando. In that case, the Nets’ bid to get a third team involved will be crucial to their efforts to add the one player who could persuade Deron Williams to embrace the organization and the move to Brooklyn. But with Williams’ body language already suffering during the Nets’ 1-6 start, observers say to be on the lookout for D-Will to soon lose his will to stay in New Jersey long enough to make it to the New York City boroughs.

“I don’t think he feels it there,” said a person who knows Williams and his tendencies well. “I could see him saying, ‘I’ve got all the money. I can go back to Dallas. That’s my home.’ I don’t see any spunk in his game right now. He’s going through the motions.”

This is where the Magic’s nightmare scenario intersects with doomsday for the Nets. If the Magic elect not to trade Howard — thus showing their fan base that they did everything in their power to keep him and he still wouldn’t stay — or trade him somewhere besides New Jersey, the Nets would be sunk. Having given up Derrick Favors, two first-round picks and Devin Harris for Williams, the Nets would be devastated if Williams passed up the money for a chance to return home to Dallas — something those who know Williams say the headstrong point guard might just be bold enough to do.

If Deron really would do that, the Nets need to move him asap. In the case of Williams, as opposed to Dwight or Carmelo and even LeBron, there is no real connection between this star player (Williams) and the fanbase he’s playing for. There’s no reason to keep him around and hope for the best at this point either. And if these are the types of grumblings that we’re hearing, what do you think Dwight Howard is hearing? I can’t imagine he’d want to go team up with a guy in Williams who’s in a place and situation he doesn’t want to be in to begin with. 

I’m of the opinion that what the Nets need to do right now is just stock up on as many draft picks as possible and go move to Brooklyn already. If Brooklyn is as awesome for NBA players as Mr. Carter and everybody else is trying to say it is, then people will eventually come there when they can literally see and understand what that experience would really be like. Trying to lure players to the Nets organization, or even keep them happy once they’re there, by selling them this vision of Coney Island Hot Dogs and Big Market Exposure just isn’t working.

It didn’t work for LeBron, didn’t work for Carmelo, isn’t working with Dwight, and has Deron Williams longing for sunny days in Texas even while he’s there wearing a Nets uniform. Four or five year rebuild time from here, Nets. Deal Deron for picks, stop blowing up Howard’s cell, get up at the top of the Lottery, move to Brooklyn, and go from there. You’re starting to annoy everybody right now.

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