Photo: Tyson Chandler bares his butt on ESPN The Magazine

That’s Tyson Chandler, and a strategically placed basketball, gracing the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s annual “Body Issue”.  

More than two dozen world-class athletes will be baring all (but in a tasteful way) for the fourth edition of the special issue.  

I know, I know… I can hear you from here: 

“Why are we always treating men like sides of beef?  What about their thoughts, their emotions, their feelings?”  

I wish I knew that answer, society.  But instead of probing that, here’s a shot of Candace Parker, who’ll also be gracing one of the special covers.

Chandler talked to the Daily News (via BDL) about his risque’ pose

The father of three laughed when thinking of what his teammates might say when the issue hits stands. “I don’t even know if any of them know that I did it, but I’m sure I’ll get teased when it comes out,” he said.

The modest hoops player said his wife, Kimberly, didn’t like the idea of sharing him with hordes of other women. But after some discussion, the artistry involved appealed to Chandler, an avid painter and photographer.

“I have the ability to do some extraordinary things in the court. I’m not one of those stand-in-the-mirror type of people,” he said. “I love different aspects of art, and I can appreciate when a photo can be done correctly.”

Yes, it’s very important that it be done correctly.  It has to be tastefully done, right, 1998 Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury?