Report: Howard Was Almost New Jersey Bound

Hanging like a dark cloud over the Orlando Magic is the question of Dwight Howard’s future — will he or won’t he be a Magic come March and the NBA trade deadline?

There have been many rumors running rampant since this season has started. From Howard landing in Los Angeles with the Lakers, joining the Golden State Warriors, suiting up for the Dallas Mavericks, and even possibly going to the Atlanta Hawks, it seems almost every team was rumored to trade for “Superman.”

However, according to Hoops World, the New Jersey Nets actually had a deal done for Howard back in December, but the deal was nixed courtesy of the Magic’s ownership and the untimely injury to Nets center Brook Lopez.

Last month, the Magic and Nets agreed to a deal involving Dwight Howard, but Orlando’s ownership stepped in and stopped it at the last second. New Jersey was upset because they thought they had landed Howard. Then, several days later, Brook Lopez fractured the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. The Nets were annoyed that the Magic backed out of the deal and they were angry when Lopez went down because he shouldn’t have even been on their roster had things gone as planned.

Had the deal gone down, adding Howard to the Nets would have also probably secured Deron Williams staying with New Jersey and possibly made New Jersey a team to watch heading into the playoffs.

On the surface, Lopez and draft picks are not enough in return for Howard.  It will take a lot to get equal value for Howard. And unless the Magic hope to get a “Carmelo-like” deal (where the Knicks sent a ton of players to Denver), the front office might have to comes to terms with the fact another team might not have the pieces Orlando would want.

It’s either that, or see Dwight possibly walk away after this season and be left with nothing.