Ron Artest & Metta World Peace show is pretty much what you’d expect

Metta World Peace posted an episode of a YouTube show he starred in this week called The Ron & Metta Show. Pause.

In this episode, he asks a female fan he invited on location if she’d rather go to dinner with Ron Artest or Metta World Peace. He also discusses his shorts size with another female fan who is also on location. He reveals that the “first thing he did in Los Angeles after signing his contract with the Lakers was go to In and Out Burger” as well, and details the history between himself and that establishment.

One part of the video that wasn’t too weird was when he talked about how he felt as a player when his name was being included in trade rumors. He also talked about what he discusses and works on with his psychologist these days too, which was introspective and interesting.

Fans who where on the show responded to a tweet World Peace posted asking some type of question.

Below is that video posted on YouTube:

The quote about the reporters being lazy reminded me of something Yogi Berra would say. People don’t go there anymore because it’s too crowded, that kind of thing.

Here is the full quote from Artest / Peace I’m referring too:

“The media, they portray me as unpredictable,” said World Peace. “Some portray me as crazy. Some portray me as, you know, a headcase. And some of the media, they’re so lazy. They don’t research, so they go back on stories they heard years ago.”

They’re so lazy. They don’t do research, so they go back on stories they heard years ago.

Strange thing is, I know what he’s trying to say. 

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