Scott Skiles says he got ejected on purpose, Stephen Jackson says it worked

The Milwaukee Bucks were trailing by double figures late in the third quarter to the Cavaliers in Cleveland on Friday, and Coach Scott Skiles had seen enough. Antawn Jamison was going completely off, on his way to a game-high 34-points, and Skiles thought it time to light that proverbial spark. The one that can only be lit by getting yourself ejected from a basketball game. 

After a questionable call that did not go Drew Gooden’s way, Skiles exploded off the bench and gave the referees an earful. After the game, he didn’t say what he told the refs, but he did say he got tossed on purpose. Below is that video:

Shortly after I caught up with Bucks Guard Stephen Jackson (10 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds) and talked with him about that calculated move by his Coach. Captain Jack told me it worked. I also asked him what the OT road win (113-112) might mean for his Bogut-less Bucks long-term, and if he thought Brandon Jennings should’ve been an All Star.  Below is that video as well:

After being down as many as 12 points in the 4th quarter, the Bucks came all the way back to tie things up with only a few seconds to go in regulation. Antawn Jamison then got fouled, with the score tied, and missed two free throws. He missed both of them. The Bucks had one last shot in regulation after that but they missed that too.

In OT Brandon Jennings (24 points, 8 assist, 5 rebounds) hit a lay-up late, and the Bucks snuck out with a win they probably shouldn’t have gotten. Or maybe wouldn’t have if Skiles didn’t get heaved, I guess. 

In support of the 34 points from Jamison, the Cavaliers got 12 points and 16 assists from Ramon Sessions who started in relief of Kyrie Irving. Irving missed the last two games with a concussion, and is expected to miss Saturday’s game against the 76ers as well.

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