Sessions opts out of LA, will test free agency

Heading into this season, the Los Angeles Lakers’ glaring weakness was at point guard. LA tried to make a deal with the Hornets to acquire Chris Paul but we all know how that just became a debacle when the NBA stopped the deal from going through.

In the end, the Lakers made a deal with the Cavaliers to acquire Ramon Sessions which was a huge step up from guards Steve Blake and rookie Darius Morris.

Sessions would provide a steady, experienced hand at the point guard spot and early on would make an immediate impact. However, in the playoffs, Ramon vanished as the Lakers were booted out of the playoffs by the Thunder.

And now that the offseason is in full swing for LA, Sessions has decided to opt out of his contract with Los Angeles and will become a free agent next month in the hopes to receive a multi-year contract.

“Ramon has carefully considered this decision,” said Sessions’ agent, Jared Karnes. “He had to make a career decision and ultimately decided to do what was best in providing stability and longevity for him in the NBA, and this could only be achieved through a multi-year contract.”

As mentioned above, in the regular season Ramon provided a nice punch to the Lakers point guard spot by averaging 13.7 points and seven assists as a starter. But as the playoffs rolled around, his numbers dropped to 9.7 points and 3.6 assists a game.

His less-than-stellar playoff performance will definitely be a factor in Sessions search for a multi-year deal either with the Lakers or any other team considering him.

Should Sessions not re-sign with the Lakers, this will put a hole once again in the Lakers search for a solid point guard. They let Derek Fisher go (who is now in the NBA Finals and still showing he can play ball despite his age), have Blake under contract coming off the bench, and have an inexperienced rookie who is also a free agent next month. Not a good spot to be in if you are LA.

Factor in the state of the Lakers’ finances (as of now, the team will be at $80,306,668 in team payroll next season) and there’s only so much the team can do to make a move at acquiring a top-tier free agent point guard. They can’t afford Deron Williams, Jason Terry might be out of reach, and Steve Nash may stay in Phoenix.

Their best bet is to go for middle of the pack guards such as Patty Mills (who will test free agency), Delonte West, or Jannero Pargo.