Starting 5: Don’t judge the old guys, the most boring comeback ever, & Jennings exploring big markets


Every morning, we’ll give you five things from the night before in the NBA to start your day.

1:  Well that Celtics/Lakers games was…. something.

The Celtics and Lakers last night put on a display of… well… it was a display.  If either team was banking on last night to prove to a national stage that it was ready to join the rest of the pack of contenders, they’re each sadly mistaken.  The lapses, both physical and mental, were just too big to ignore.  And an 88-87 LA win in OT doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of other teams.


Putting that much stock in game at this point of the season would be a mistake.  I’m not saying one of these teams will be in the NBA Finals… but what I am saying is let’s not rule either one out just because of this one game against each other. Matchups, injuries, unsung heroes… all of that stuff has an impact.  

Let’s save the judgements on these two teams for when it matters, because in the most unpredictable of seasons, making bold declarations now will very likely blow up your face.

2:  Kings come…. roaring?… back to beat OKC.

kings_text_logoThe Sacramento Kings rallied to tie last night’s game with the Thunder at 97-all with 2:06 to go.  After that the Kings went on a 9-4 run to surprise Oklahoma City and win 106-101.

How did they do it?  Tyreke Evans blowing down the lane and finishing at the rim?  DeMarcus Cousins creating a shot for himself in the paint?  A Jimmer 3?  

Nope. Nope. And nope. 

Free throws.  Nothing but a steady stream of free throws.  Over the last two minutes of the game, the Kings hit nine free throws while the Thunder only got a couple of baskets out of Russell Westbrook.  The Kings only attempted one shot over the last 2:06.  Oklahoma City missed three other shots over that stretch.  

An exciting win, no doubt, for the home team.  But that the most boring comeback ever.  


Russell Westbrook is explosive


Kobe Bryant goes and gets a high alley oop from Pau Gasol

Channing Frye puts Sam Dalembert on a poster

4:  Line of the Night:  Stephen Curry – 36 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks

Steph torched Denver as their crash to Earth continues.  The Nuggets have now lost five straight.  It only took Curry 17 shots to get to 37 points (13-17 fg, 6-9 3pg, 4-7 ft) as he carried the bulk of the scoring load in the 109-101 win.  

5:  You can quote me on that:

“Listen, both teams shot 39 percent,” Rivers said. “Someone had to win. That’s how it looked. Game looked in slow motion at times. So, I’m sure all the jokes [are out there about] two old teams and Jurassic Park.”
     Doc Rivers, after the Celtics lost to the Lakers 88-87 in overtime 

“I am going to keep my options open, knowing that the time is coming up. I’m doing my homework on big market teams.”
     – Brandon Jennings, on his potential restricted free agency, in an interview with ESPN