Szczerbiak takes shot at former teammate Garnett

There’s no denying Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett has always brought intensity to the court. From his days with the Minnesota Timberwolves to his time in Boston, KG is known as one of the best at his position and an all-around player.

But according to his former teammate, Wally Szczerbiak, KG always has lacked the “clutch-gene” and took to Twitter to call out KG.

Toward the end of the Boston Celtics’ 115-111 loss to the Heat on Wednesday, which put them behind 2-0 in the Eastern Conference finals, Szczerbiak tweeted: “KG is another one who lacks the #clutchgene always has.” (The message has since been deleted.) This was after Garnett missed five of his final six field goal attempts and turned the ball over with 1:16 remaining in overtime, but still, it was harsh.

Other messages included:

“KG never takes big shot for #Celtics now he’s fourth in line behind Pierce Allen and Rondo to take clutch shot. Warrior all game though!!”

“KG was a warrior all game but in OT he was horrible on both ends of the floor tonight!! #NBAPlayoffs”

OK ease up there Wally.

First of all KG had played pretty much played the entire game including the OT period so he might have been a bit winded considering his age and time in the NBA. Moreover, Wally, this is a team game and not an individual one. If a player with the reputation like Allen or Pierce can take a game-winning shot, then why not let them take it? Also, Rondo had a historic game! The guy made history, was rolling and was the only Celtic keeping Boston within striking distance of Miami.

Couching that backhanded comment about KG by calling him a “warrior all game” doesn’t take away from the fact Wally Z still might be a bit bitter. It just makes him look bad. Add the fact KG is still relevant and Wally, well, never has been.

By the way, KG and the Celtics will be playing Game 3 tonight of the Eastern Conference Finals in Boston while Wally isn’t.