The Spurs’ new alternate uniforms are… well….

Alternate uniforms have been hot for a while.  Teams make a ton of money selling new jerseys to fans who already own team jerseys. No team is immune. Not even the Spurs. 

San Antonio unveiled these… things… yesterday. They are plain. They are boring. They are… uniquely Spurs. 

The Spurs have a reputation of being boring. Forget that they were one of the best offenses last season. Forget that the reality may not necessarily match the perception. The fact is, they are perceived as a boring team.

They are also a team perhaps most influenced by the international game. Combine those two things and you get these alternates.

They are a boring grey with an utterly boring lack of design. The number sit on the top corner much like so many international jerseys. The Spurs' secondary "spur" logo and an "SA" on the shorts are the only outward branding of the team…. leaving a lot of space (for future advertising, perhaps?)

One problem the Spurs have in planning out an alternate jersey is their primary colors are what most teams use as alternates. The purple-and-gold Lakers have pulled out both black and white alternates. Miami wants to go with an alternate?  They went black. So did Chicago.  

That left San Antonio in a bit of a pickle when it came to choosing colors. They've already done the throw-back "Chaps" thing, so going with the grey is not a bad idea. But it is just so blandly executed. It just needs a little more. There is a difference between minimalist and lazy… and this uniform looks lazy.   

They are sweet summer league uniforms. They would look pretty fun as a reversible during practice.  Seeing these things trot up and down an NBA floor?  Sorry. These just do not make the cut.