The teams with the biggest Draft night pressure

Whether you have the first pick or the last pick, all teams look forward to draft night. Granted, some teams have been counting down the days until June 28 a lot longer than others. But now that the day is here, everyone should be focused and ready to go.

There is a lot of pressure going into the NBA Draft. Which teams are going to reach too far for their picks? Which players are going to slide down the list, waiting anxiously for their names to be called?

There is going to be a lot of tension tonight at the Prudential Center, but which teams are feeling the biggest crunch?

Let us start off with a team that has been making a lot of noise lately: the Houston Rockets.

They have been trading away the last couple days, trying to secure as many draft picks as possible, and they are probably still working to move up. This is all reportedly in hopes of landing Dwight Howard, but what if that does not happen?

Right now the Rockets have the Nos. 12, 16 and 18 picks in the first round. If they end up keeping those picks, there is a lot of talent to be drafted. Picks outside the top 10 are where you can pick up the big sleepers. Hopefully for the Rockets, they have done their scouting and are ready to select the right players if they can’t trade for Howard.

A team with very little pressure on them tonight is the New Orleans Hornets.

Everyone has known since lottery night who they are going to pick, all that is left is for the commissioner to announce the name of Anthony Davis. They do have the 10th pick as well, but a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders when they won the lottery.

That is not the case for the team picking after them. The Charlotte Bobcats are coming off the worst season in NBA history. It seems unfair that they did not get the top overall pick, but that is just how the ball bounces.

Now they are charged with the task of picking from a very talented pool of potential number 2 picks. The smart money is on Thomas Robinson out of Kansas, but will he be enough to turn this team around, or will the Cats spend another season in the NBA’s basement?

The Cleveland Cavaliers did the right thing last year picking Kyrie Irving with the first pick in the draft. Irving ended up becoming the Rookie of the Year and looks to be a franchise point guard. Their pick at number four, Tristan Thompson, has not panned out yet but it is too early to tell what he might be capable of.

The Cavs are a team with a lot of young talent and they will get a chance to build on it again in this year’s draft. Their draw is not as sweet as last year but they do have four total picks, including the fourth overall. If they are able to pick up some solid players, they will have a great foundation to build on for a long time.

Irving will not carry this team by himself, no matter how good he is. It is time to find him some help. Tonight could be a night to do that.

There is a lot to watch for in tonight’s draft, but keep an eye on the Rockets, Cats and Cavs. They have got a lot to prove.