Video: Deron Williams schools kids at local Brooklyn court

Remember that time Deron Williams showed up and schooled us when were were shooting around at the park?!

That is the tale the youngsters at Tillary Park in Brooklyn will be recounting for years to come and will likely share with their own kids too.

A great story — true also for the Brooklyn Nets themselves as they continue to reach out to the community in inticipation for the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA season in Brooklyn.

And what better way to reach out than with a photoshoot at a local park shooting hoops with the Nets' franchise player and Olympian.

Of course, there was time for trash talk too:

"I see we don't have any shooters out here…", Williams joked to a crowd of people that included kids, security, cameramen and members of the Nets' organization.

…and we won't say anything about D-Will's missed dunks.

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