Video: Duncan Considers Himself A Performance Tire

San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan pretty much shies away form the limelight. He isn’t one to crave the cameras, walk the red carpets, or appear in rap videos. He prefers the quiet life and letting his stellar N.B.A. resume do all the talking. So when he does decide to step in front of the camera, and out of his private life, what better way to do it than in front of millions of television viewers for the upcoming Super Bowl.

TD, along with ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, are starring in a pair of ads for Bridgestone Tires which will air during the Super Bowl, but in true Duncan fashion, the T.V. spots are rather, well, TD-esque.

They are not filled with much hoopla, short-and-sweet, and with that quirky humor only TD can bring. Oh and did I mention he extols upon the virtues of technology? Riveting huh?

But of course when he does get a chance to show the “wild side” of TD when asked what kind of tire he would be, well, he makes a point to mention he follows the law.

Check out the videos (via Bloguin’s own Project Spurs) of TD’s commericals which will air during next weekend’s Super Bowl.