Video: Gasol applauds after Paul leaves him in his dust

There is no doubt Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul was salivating at seeing Memphis Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol guarding him out on the perimeter.

And if you think it was because Paul was thinking he could just dribble right past the big guy to the rim, or pull up for an easy shot at the rim then you would be wrong. It was probably because Paul saw a chance at making Gasol look foolish by breaking his ankles.

During the recent Clippers-Grizzlies game, Gasol got caught up in a switch and saw himself guarding one of the fastest point guards in the league.

Then this happened.

My favorite part of the play is how even Gasol had to clap his hands at Paul’s play but I got to ask, when will big men just realize they stand zero chance when they get caught guarding speedy guards and just back up and take a chance at the player missing a shot?