Video: Iverson scores 27 in Chinese legends tour game

That’s Allen Iverson, who’s getting a ton of love in China right now, dropping 27 in game that is part of an NBA legends tour.  

I gotta say, the video kinda makes me sad.  I mean, this is what it’s come to?  This tour is a big recruiting trip as teams try to woo Iverson into following in Stephon Marbury’s footsteps…

… oh wait… that’s the sad part right there….

The key to Iverson’s basketball redemption, and perhaps putting some money back in his pockets, lies within following the Stephon Marbury plan.  And while it’s worked out pretty well for Steph, it almost fit his personality that it worked out that way.  Marbury’s path was a “this is where the game is taking me” kind of thing.  He was the shopping bag caught in the updraft, fluttering his way to China and enjoying it.  

It’s not the same for Iverson.  Iverson’s path seems a bit more desperate.  And this video is the “slap-in-the-face” reality of the situation. 

Video via Marcel Mutoni