Video: Metta clocks Rockets’ Lin ‘accidentally’

Whenever Lakers' Metta World Peace is on the court, expect anything to happen. Of course when anything happens, it usually involves some sort of physical altercation. 

From the "Malice at the Palace," his confrontation with Kobe Bryant to his blatant elbow to Rockets' James Harden's neck, needless to say, World Peace isn't so peaceful.

Well it seems Peace is up to his old dirty tricks again and this time the victim is Houston's Jeremy Lin.

During this past Sunday's contest between the Lakers and Rockets, Peace was on a fast break and was clearly going in for an easy bucket. Lin made a smart foul by grabbing Peace before he makes the bucket when Metta flails wildly, hitting Lin in the face.

At first the TV announcers give Peace the benefit of the doubt but after the review it's clear… Peace threw his hand into Lin's face.

Look, no amount of grabbing Lin and apologizing like Peace did after the obvious hit should lessen what Metta did. These aren't isolated hits. Peace has a pattern of this and the league should do something about it.

Lin took the high-road but what if it had been another player with a quick temper? It would not have been as calm.

I hope the NBA takes measures to punish Metta for yet another incident in his checkered NBA career.