Video: Over 4000 fans show appreciation for the Thunder

If you watched any of NBA TV yesterday, you probably noticed it was non-stop Miami Heat championship parade and pep-rally coverage. Of course, to the victor, goes the spoils as Heat players, coaches, and staff were on hand for the fans as they celebrated Miami’ second title in franchise history.

But what about the Oklahoma City Thunder? Sure they may have come up short in the NBA Finals, but for this team to defeat the the Western Conference’s mightiest teams (Lakers, Mavericks and Spurs) en route to the NBA Finals is a testament to how far long this team has progressed.

And as the Thunder came back from Miami, they were greeted by throngs of their fans welcoming back their team by showering them with cheers and adulation.

Check out the fan support including Serge Ibaka, Kevin Durant and James Harden addressing the crowd. Also, listen to Kendrick Perkins claim Thunder fans are better than Celtics fans.