Video: Thunder’s James Harden celebrates birthday at the strip club

Ah to be young, unattached, and making millions as a professional baketball player. That is probably a dream of many guys wishing they could be playing professional sports and get paid mega bucks.

Well it seems Oklahoma City Thunder's James Harden is doing just that and soaking it in as he recently hit the strip club in New York City to celebrate his 23rd birthday and made it rain dollar bills for the ladies. Check it out (h/t That NBA Lottery


Hey I got nothing wrong with Harden living it up. Heck, if I was a single, pro-baller, you know I'd be doing the exact same thing. I'd put in some hard work at practice, study film and have a night on the town.

But alas I am not some filthy-rich pro athlete so I can only dream and live through Harden in this video.