Warriors still looking to make improvements

The Golden State Warriors have one of the more talented young rosters in the NBA. You wouldn’t know that from their 23-43 record last season, but their poor performance was due to the fact that they had some serious problems with injuries. The team has a bright future if they can stay healthy.

The Warriors added Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli and Draymond Green with three of their four picks in this year’s draft. Those guys have a lot of talent and to mix them in with Andrew Bogut, David Lee, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson could mean some big things for this Warriors team.

Even with all the recent additions, head coach Mark Jackson says the Warriors are still looking to do more.

“We just want to continue to add depth,” Jackson said. “Obviously, I think we need another big body. We’re going to pay attention to what’s out there and continue to try to get better by any means necessary.” 

The Warriors have reportedly been looking at adding another power forward like Carl Landy or Kenyon Martin or possibly re-signing Dominic McGuire. It’s definitely saying something that Golden State is looking to add people to their bench to add depth rather than scrambling to find someone who can start for them right away.

The team is definitely set. I would be surprised if the Warriors weren’t fighting for a playoff spot at the end of next season. I’d have higher hopes for them if I thought they had a better coach, but maybe a younger guy less than a decade out of the NBA is what they need. They can learn and grow together. One thing’s for sure, whether this team is a bumbling bunch of misfits or a strong pool of talent that can play together, they’ll be very entertaining to watch.