Westbrook and Harden celebrate gold medal with… mustard

Russell Westbrook and James Harden are living the life right now.

Fresh off a Western Conference Finals appearance and an Olympic gold medal, winning is in for the Thunder's second and third best players. Things are great.

They are even starring in their own commercials sans superstar Kevin Durant. Harden has already achieved cult status with his beard, so it figures his first big commercial debut would have to do with it.

Westbrook and Harden got their own FootLocker commercial, and it is a good thing Harden wears layers

I think many fans in Oklahoma City end up doing what Harden does to his beard at the end of that commercial. Mostly because nobody except for Harden can grow a beard like that.

And Westbrook has some pretty good aim with that mustard bottle. I think we can look forward to some nice mustard drip paintings in his future if this basketball thing does not work out. Somehow, I think it will for Westbrook.

Harden and Westbrook, along with Durant who has his movie Thunderstruck (a Like Mike/Space Jam remake… not really, but same premise) coming out August 24, are having a nice summer in the spotlight for the first time in their careers. Here is hoping the fame does not go straight to their heads and the problem of more does not set in and keep the Thunder from moving forward and competing with the Lakers.

They have a lot of work ahead of them once October rolls around.

Until then, Kevin Durant can keep up his rap career with Stephen Jackson. A career which began back in 2009 with this famous commercial:

I hope the Thunder are enjoying their play time.

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