As Williams targets comeback, Teague stepping up for Hawks

The suspect play after starting the season 20-10 is not sitting well right now in Atlanta.

The constant Josh Smith trade rumors may be too much to cope with.

At some point some good news has to come the Atlanta Hawks’ way. They will just have to wait until training camp next season to recognize the benefit of such a blessing.

Over the weekend the Hawks announced that Lou Williams, who underwent reconstructive knee surgery last Thursday, is scheduled to be ready for the 2013-14 training camp if all goes according to schedule.

"I already know that the rehab is not something that is going to be a walk in the park. It’s going to be a difficult process,” Williams said recently about his season ending surgery.

“There is not a lot that these guys can tell me that I’m not expecting. I’m already expecting the worst and anything short of that is a blessing. That is how I process my mind for stuff like that."

The point guard for Atlanta initially tore the ligament in his right knee against the Brooklyn Nets last month and was operated on by famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who performed Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s ACL surgery. The combination of Dr. Andrews' resume and the successful return of Peterson now give hope to the Hawks that Williams will be able to pick up where he left off leading into next season.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/Zimbio

Behind Josh Smith and Al Horford, Williams helped shoulder the scoring load in Atlanta by averaging 14.1 points per game over 39 games. But the Hawks do have another reason to keep their heads high despite losing Williams: Jeff Teague.

In replacing Williams, Teague has stepped up to average 14.2 points per game in 49 games and actually if you compare the advanced stats, Teague is averaging 13.4 points per 36 minutes versus Williams’ 12.7 points per 36 minutes. Teague had 21 points (could have done without the six turnovers though) for Atlanta in its loss Friday against the New Pr;eams Hornets (111-100), and the Hawks next face the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night.

The road has been unkind to Atlanta, who are 1-8 over the last 9 games.

More bad news. Just what the Hawks do not need.