Behind the scenes of the NBA Draft Lottery

Who is ready for some hot ping pong ball action?

For the first time, the NBA released the ACTUAL NBA Draft Lottery drawing following Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery announcement. Maybe they hoped to dispel the conspiracy theorists after Cleveland won its second lottery in three years.

Take a look:


Wait, that isn't the right video. Although there are as many bounces around the drum and disappointment for the Grizzlies as there was in that Lottery room. Here is the actual NBA Draft Lottery:


The NBA Draft Lottery actually takes place in that back room where observers from each team turn in their cell phones and have no communication with the outside world until after the results are unveiled on ESPN. The people sitting in that nice New York studio are just there for show.

It still makes you wonder how the league stretches the show out to 30 minutes. It feels pretty ridiculous after actually watching ping pong balls get drawn from a drum in anticlimactic fashion.

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