Bryant fires back after Cuban’s comment

You heard the old adage, "Never wake a sleeping giant," right? 

Well apparently it fell on deaf ears recently as Mavericks owner Mark Cuban suggested the Lakers should amnesty Kobe Bryant next season thus saving the team some money and getting some luxury tax relief.

Well, that is all the Bryant needed to hear. Cuban poked the proverbial bear in his cage and Kobe dropped 38 points on the Mavs during yesterday's Lakers' win, leading Bryant to tweet:

Talk about revenge being best served cold.

However, it is not only Kobe who upset with Cuban. The league is also looking into whether Cuban violated tampering rules which is a huge no-no.

Nonetheless, Cuban did not mean to intentionally tamper with the Lakers' business nor take a verbal shot at Bryant. He is a business man himself and was in the mind-set of talking business and trying to explain the NBA's new CBA.

However, he has been an NBA owner for some time now and should see how those comments may rise the ire of the NBA.

Cuban has not been reprimanded by the NBA but his Mavericks surely got reprimanded at the hands of one Kobe Bryant. Though I am sure Cuban would have rather paid a stiff fine than see his team get humiliated on national TV this weekend.

Cuban had to eat his words and congratulated Kobe on the great retort:

So in the end kids what did we learn? Never talk about another team's buiness if you own an NBA franchise and never, ever, ever, ever, ever, give Bryant fuel to smack your team up. He may be up their in age but he definitely proved, if you want to talk hard, Kobe will play hard!

(Via CBS