Cavs fan steals show, slows game

Saturday's matchup between the Cavaliers and Clippers was supposed to feature two of the top ball handlers in the league. It did not disappoint with Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul shaking and baking their way around defenses. Paul scored 13 points to go with seven rebounds and 15 assists on a bad shooting nigth for him. Irving had 20 points, six assists and seven turnovers.

The Cavaliers ended up winning 88-82 with Tristan Thompson scoring 20 points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

The news of the game though was what one Cleveland fan did in the second quarter.


With about three minutes left in the first half, a fan walked onto the court at Quicken Loans Arena behind the play while the Cavaliers were on offense. Andrew Bynum missed the shot and the referees noticed the man dressed like any normal fan except with a "Stay Kyrie" shirt begging Irving to stay with the Cavaliers and stopped play as Chris Paul brought the ball up the court.

The kid (and he looks like a kid and certainly acted like one) ran out from about half court, tapped Irving on the shoulder and showed him his shirt. He was promptly removed from the stadium and probably will not be invited back to Quicken Loans Arena again. Joe Crawford actually had an easier time restraining him than the police and security who put him in handcuffs.

The whole incident generated this incredible reaction from Clippers broadcaster Don Maclean.

Of course, the easiest way for the Cavaliers to keep Kyrie Irving, or for any team to keep their star, is to put together a winning team. The Cavaliers have decidedly not done that this year at a record of 7-13 and fighting to get into the Playoffs picture. Then there was the discover or reported discord with Dion Waiters and making all the pieces fit.

Lesson is, do not ever walk onto an NBA basketball court unless you are wearing a jersey and paid to do so.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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