CC Tweet of the Day: Bryant hits back at Jordan

He may be several years removed from the NBA but Michael Jordan is still brimming with confidence.

"Air" Jordan is still the gold standard when it comes to measuring the greatest player of all-time in the NBA. I do not think I have to go over his resume to prove that point but when asked about today's players, he just couldn't hold back and unleashed on who he can beat one-on-one.

Aside from the fact he said LeBron would be no problem one-on-one, he admitted Lakers' Kobe Bryant would give him fits. However, that's only because Kobe stole MJ's moves. Ouch!

Of course being ever so competitive himself, Kobe fired back via Twitter.

Seeing Kobe taking on Jordan in their primes would have been one great thing to watch. Neither would have backed down and the trash talking between the two… my goodness!

In the end, I give the edge to MJ. He played in a more physical era and Kobe might have a problem with hand-checking. Not to mention Jordan might play better defense than Bryant.

Chime in CC readers. I know you want to.