CC video of the day: Garnett cracks on Sager’s fashion sense

There is so much to look forward to during the NBA's All-Star break. The dunk contest, three-point shootout, the celebrities in the arena, the best-of-the-best NBA player's on one court and of course, what incredibly outlandish suit TNT's Craig Sager will wear.

For years Sager has worn some crazy looking suits which run the gambit of fashion mistakes. From mismatched pants and blazers, loud shoes and more, Sager raises the eyebrows of fans across the globe whenever he is on TV.

Celtics' Kevin Garnett has never shied away from telling Sager how it is on his fashion sense and during All-Star weekend 2013, KG let loose once again on Sager.

Check out what KG had to say when he saw what Sager wore in Houston. Pure comedy.