Foot Don’t Lie: Is Rasheed Wallace heading for a second retirement?

Hours before Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors dropped 54 points on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Mike Woodson spoke with the media New York about suffering a major loss. Yes, the Knicks would go on to beat the Warriors, but Woodson’s pre-game defeat focused instead on the left foot of Rasheed Wallace.

His season is likely over. But what about Wallace’s career?

“It’s somewhat of a blow because he’s gone through so much work to try to get back out on the floor, and now this happens,” Woodson said via the New York Times. “The only thing we can do now is think positive in terms of how the surgery is going to turn out.”

On Wednesday, the Knicks announced Wallace will undergo foot surgery to repair a broken bone in his injured left foot — a fractured right fifth metatarsal to be exact. Factoring in the eight-week recovery time and there is a very good chance the NBA has seen the last of Roscoe, not just this season but for good.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images/Zimbio

Woodson said he hopes that is not the case and there are no immediate plans to waive the 6-foot-11 veteran to open up a roster spot for the Knicks. Right now, there remains a chance of a possible playoff return for Wallace, but even that is wishful thinking with the 38-year old big man who has not played since December, 13 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

An NBA champion with the Detroit Pistons, the four-time NBA all-star retired in 2010 after reaching the NBA Finals wit the Boston Celtics, and was in the thick of a comeback with the Knicks where he averaged 7.2 points and 4.2 rebounds in 20 games.

"If the surgery is successful then he's got to put forth the effort to rehab and we'll welcome him back when he's ready to go, Brown continued with "He's just got to stay mentally tough and put in the work and see what happens."

Between Wallace’s age and recovery time coming off foot surgery, this looks like the end of the road (again for Wallace) to a man who added so much color and character during his 18-year storied career.

To put a Rasheed Wallace twist on it: “Foot don’t lie”.