Heat aren’t fans of sleeved jerseys

The 10 teams playing in Wednesday's Christmas Day quintuple header will be wearing special NBA jerseys with the team's logo emblazoned on the middle and, more interestingly, sleeves.

The NBA has been going in this direction starting last year with the Warriors experimenting with the jerseys and then several teams using them in Summer League. This is the first widespread use of these kinds of jerseys for major NBA games.

What are the reviews?

Well, the NBA's MVP apparently says his team are not fans of the new designs, telling Joe Goodman of the Miami Herald that the Heat's shooters are already complaining (h/t Brett Pollakoff of Pro Basketball Talk):

LeBron said in pregame that the Heat’s shooters “are already upset about” the Christmas jerseys.

LEBRON: “I can’t have my shooters out there worrying about some sleeves and not shooting the ball.”

According to Pollakoff, adidas has worked with the players about making sure the jerseys are comfortable and fit the players well. They provided samples for them to practice in and have offered tom ake sure they are fitted for their comfort.

It appears those efforts may not be working completely.

In the jersey's defense, the Warriors have worn them several times and brought them back for a second year. So clearly not every player — particularly shooters like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry do not seem to mind. However, there were grumblings from some players at Summer League in Orlando that some players were not huge fans.

At least the other team has to deal with them too. So apparently there is no advantage.

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