Kenneth Faried joins anti-homophobia-in-sports organization, is first NBA player to do so

As if Kenneth Faried wasn't awesome enough just on the court, he's may be even more awesome off of it

Growing up as the son of a lesbian couple in rough-and-tumble Newark, New Jersey, I am sure Kenneth Faried — also know as Manimal, a stunningly fitting nickname for the Morehead State product — heard the jokes from schoolmates about him having two moms and no father figure present.

Well, clearly those putdowns have not stopped the Nuggets power forward from displaying his beliefs on his sleeve, a characteristic that has led him to become the first NBA player to join the organization Athlete Ally, which is predicated on combatting homophobic prejudice in the world of professional sports.

The move is something that the NBA has been relatively late to make, as the NHL has a former player among its ranks and the NFL has four. The MLB does not have any.

Furthermore, Faried's choice to openly support a movement and idea he truly believes in — without having any reservations about the taboo-like nature of gay rights or homosexuality among the four major professional sports — demonstrates his great integrity and how he does not bend to the pressures of being such a famous public figure, a quality that is both admirable in any person and potentially advantageous for a basketball player.

Anyway, congratulations to both Faried and his family as I wish there were more players like him the league.

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I'm a New York native who has been a Nets season ticket holder, in both New Jersey and now Brooklyn, since birth. Northwestern University (Medill School of Journalism) '18