Kenneth Faried on the trade block?

Would the Nuggets really consider trading young power forward and athletic freak Kenneth Faried?

There are no substantial reports that the Nuggets would actually trade Kenneth Faried. There is just the suggestion from Zach Lowe of Grantland that the Nuggets might have to consider doing this:

Call this a semi-educated guess. Multiple sources around the league have reported in the last month that Denver has put out targeted feelers on Faried, gauging his value and demanding very good return. The Nuggets, for their part, deny they've put Faried's name out there at all. Faried is entering the third season of his four-year rookie deal, and given his per-game numbers, he figures to get paid on his next contract. If the Nuggets believe Faried has hit his ceiling, and that his game lacks the all-around polish Brian Shaw has said he wants from his big men, it would make sense for Denver to see what it can get. Let's be clear: Faried has a lot of value, and no trade is ever "likely"; there are just too many roadblocks to go that far


It would be a long shot still. Generally everyone loves Faried and his game. He averaged 11.5 points and 9.2 rebounds per game last year in his second year.

There will be decisions to be made in Denver, and a new regime to make them — Brian Shaw is the new head coach replacing George Karl and Tim Connelley replacing Masai Ujiri. That could mean changes, and lots of them.

There already is one change. The Nuggets decided not to re-sign Andre Iguodala and traded away Kosta Koufos to allow JaVale McGee — and his $10.8 million contract this year (going up to $12 million two years from now) — the chance to play more and start. That is going to be a fun adventure.

There also might be a change in the team's style of play. Brian Shaw may not go with the break-neck type of game that George Karl emphasized. Shaw might slow the pace down some and emphasize more defense.

While Faried seems like a perfectly capable defensive player, he is a bit undersized for a true power forward and thrives more in the open court when he can trail the play and get put backs and rebounds. It is still unclear whether the Nuggets will still play this way. And there will be tough decisions ahead financially with McGee sitting on the books and Lawson and Gallinari due extensions soon.

Faried, for his part, averaged 8.8 points and 6.3 rebounds per game in 16.5 minutes per game. However he made only 44.8 percent of his shots. But he is a 56.2 percent shooter on his short career. Hopefully preseason numbers mean nothing.

Or maybe it is a preview that Faried may be losing his value in Denver and it might be time for the Nuggets to find a better situation for him.

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