Lamar Odom’s career crashes in one tragic week

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images/ZimbioIt was not long ago that Lamar Odom was a key part of a championship team. It was three years ago, in fact. Odom averaged only 10.8 points per game that year but was a big part of the puzzle for the Lakers. In 2011, Odom averaged 14.4 points per game and shot 53.0 percent from the floor.

Then, after departing Los Angeles as a free agent, he sort of drifted away.

He was unhappy with the Mavericks and sought a return to Los Angeles. He got it in signing with the Clippers, but things were not the same. Only this week did we find out how bad thing shad potentially gotten for Odom.

The wild week or rumors, whispers, panic and concluded on a sad note for Odom. Odom was arrested early Friday morning for driving under the influence raising far too many questions on the 33 year old and likely ending his career in the NBA. At least one NBA general manager told Sean Deveney of Sporting News that he believes Odom is completely untouchable now.

I would say he is beyond toxic at this point. Just going by what he is giving you on the court, he would have been a risk anyway, maybe someone you give a partial guarantee to just to see if he can turn things around. But with the circus that’s around him off the court now, no way. I think that’s the end of Lamar Odom in the NBA. It’s a shame.

The fall has been absolutely stunning for Odom, who was still seen as a veteran who could make a positive contribution to a contending team. That is even with the way his play has fallen off in recent years.

The developments of the last week in Odom's life have been the most tragic.

TMZ originally reported that Odom was in rehab for a "hardcore drug problem" and that his wife Khloe Kardashian was trying to persuade him to remain in treatment. The problem reportedly last the past two years, although Odom did not use while he was playing from the account.

Then came the reports that Odom's family and friends could not find him. This turned out not to be true. But it was true that Odom had moved out of his house and that a divorce from his wife was forthcoming. The TMZ paparazzi hoard in Los Angeles descended on Odom's every movement.

Things fell apart quickly for Odom. He will have to straighten out his personal life before heading back to the NBA again. This is a horrible way for an extremely talented player to see his career end.

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