Mark Cuban reveals his Dwight Howard recruitment video

The Dallas Mavericks failed in their bid to get a big-name free agent these past two summers. Mark Cuban had big plans and broke up his championship team from 2011 in order to get there. He cleared cap room and hoped to bring in both Deron Williams (a Dallas high school star) and Dwight Howard to Dallas.

That did not work. Neither made their way to "Big D" and Cuban was left empty handed. Monta Ellis was the consolation prize.

Cuban though had some nice words to say about Howard and his meeting on his personal blog and unleashed this deliciously Dwight Howard video used in his pitch to the now-Rockets big man (h/t Brett Pollakoff of Pro Basketball Talk):


How could Dwight Howard resist being drawn as a superhero?

Cuban said that he felt the Mavericks had the infrastructure to help Dwight Howard fit in and give him the support system to help him grow. If they didn't, Howard would remain a highly sought after trade asset. Further, Cuban lauded Howard for being an intent listener in their sessions together as he pitched the Mavericks to the big man. Dwight Howard was, in his words, looking to be epic.

Nothing seemed more epic than that animated short Cuban had produced for Howard.

It obviously did not work, but Cuban said he would do it again and take the risk to go after Howard and the other big-name free agents. Now we will see if Dallas has rebuilt itself to make the Playoffs again.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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