Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 17

Chris Trotman/Getty Images/ZimbioChicago Bulls/Miami Heat: Game 1

–       The line in this game closed with Miami as 13-point favorites. I am taking Chicago because I feel like this will be a close game. The Bulls are still fired up and carrying momentum from their last series and Heat may be a little slow after not playing for a week.

–       This slow start by the Heat does not do much to disprove the “rest over rust” side of the argument, but some credit is due to a good defensive scheme from the Bulls.

–       21-15 after the first quarter. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all with just two points apiece. You have to figure that is going to change in a hurry.

–       Ray Allen and Wade going on a mini run by themselves with LeBron on the bench. The Heat are so dangerous because they have so many ways to score, even without James.

–       Joakim Noah is just a beast on the offensive glass. I find him kind of annoying, but you have to respect his determination.

–       Tied at halftime. LeBron just has two points. You can bet this is the pace the Bulls want the game. Will they run out of gas in the second half being so shorthanded and coming off a seven-game series?

–       Every time the Heat jump up four or six points, you expect they will just put it away like they did against the Bucks, but the Bulls are not going away. Nate Robinson coming up with timely baskets.

–       LeBron finally getting it going in the fourth quarter. Time to put the team on his back?

–       Bulls up two with 1:17 to go. Is this going to be another Nate Robinson game? Will he upstage LeBron on his own floor?

–       The answer is a resounding yes.

–       The Bulls end the game on a 10-0 run, the last 7 scored by Robinson. I just thought the game would be close. I didn’t think the Bulls would actually win. What a performance and the Bulls have the Heat down 1-0.

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/Zimbio

Golden State Warriors/San Antonio Spurs: Game 1

–       The Spurs come out cold, just like the Heat. Do you think teams will ever purposely lose games to avoid sweeps and get less rest? I do not, but the start to this game is ugly for San Antonio.

–       Spurs hitting some three-pointers to get back in it. Most of the worry before the series was focused on Stephen Curry, but Klay Thompson is causing a lot more trouble so far.

–       Spurs going with the Hack-a-Bogut strategy. I like Chris Webber’s viewpoint on this idea. If you do not like it, get in the gym and learn how to shoot free throws.

–       Warriors up four at halftime. Curry is not really killing the Spurs. It is a solid team effort. Good game plan from Mark Jackson.

–       Curry quickly reminding everyone that the third quarter is his quarter. He starts with a three-pointer then hits an indefensible stepback jumper from the corner then another three-pointer. When the entire defense collapses on him, he dishes off for back-to-back wide-open shots. He is a one-man offense right now.

–       I could keep adding to the previous point, but I will just say Stephen Curry is sick… at least in the third quarter. This would be an absolutely unbelievable performance if we had not already seen it twice.

–       Despite what Curry did in the third, the Spurs still do not feel totally out of it. Golden State’s mistakes have kept San Antonio close enough to make a run.

–       With about four minutes to go, the Spurs just cannot make a shot. Looks like another Game One win for the road team. That would make three out of four.

–       Just as I say that, Tony Parker starts getting things going and all of a sudden the Spurs are within eight with 2:42 to go.

–       Wow… Three point game with 1:20 to go. I guess this was what the Warriors did against the Nuggets as well. Let us see if we get the same outcome.

–       More of this? Yes please! Overtime!

–       Tim Duncan returns to the bench after leaving due to illness. Not surprised by that, but they went on the run without him, so I would be surprised to see him on the floor in OT.

–       Looking back on it, the play of the game might be Klay Thompson’s sixth foul. That is when the tide turned and Parker got going.

–       Shoot, let’s try again.

–       After all that, Kent Bazemore scores the go-ahead basket with 3.9 seconds left.


–       But Manu Ginobili redeems himself after an awful shot earlier in the overtime by hitting the game-winning three.


–       What. A. Game.