Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 19

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images/ZimbioChicago Bulls/Miami Heat: Game 2

–       It will be interesting to see if Miami decides to get serious and play a full 48 minutes tonight. For the first five games of the Heat's postseason, they have seemed to go at half speed for the first three quarters and then decided to turn it on down the stretch. That did not work out well in Game One. Let’s see if they jump out early in Game Two.

–       Right off the bat this is looking like the game could get chippy and physical. Dwyane Wade with a technical foul less than a minute in.

–       Jimmy Butler has been logging A LOT of minutes for the Bulls. He has made good use of them too. Tonight he has already hit two three-pointers in the first quarter.

–       Oh, there is definitely going to be an ejection in this game. The technical fouls are starting to pile up.

–       I would really like to see LeBron James in the same situation as Kevin Durant where he had to be the guy and did not have weapons around him. I guess that would be the LeBron we saw in Cleveland, but it would be a little different if he was used to having a teammate that helped carry the load and that guy got hurt. Basically what I am saying is that I would like to see a LeBron that had to score a lot.

–       The Heat finish the half on an 11-3 run to open up a nice 14-point lead. You have to wonder if short-handedness of the Bulls has finally caught up to them.

–       The Bulls seem to have forgotten how to put the ball in the basket in the third quarter. The Heat are now up 27.

–       I am going to recommend we not play the fourth quarter. Someone is going to get hurt, tossed or both.

–       There are some ejections, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson gone. The Heat are up 40. This has now become a circus.

–       A lot of extracurricular words in this game, some of them not so friendly.

–       Hard to believe this series is 1-1, but it is. To Chicago we go! I heard Derrick Rose is coming back. Just kidding, of course, but hey, people are still going to talk about it.

–       You know the crowd in Chicago is going to be nuts.

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Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/ZimbioGolden State Warriors/San Antonio Spurs: Game 2

–       Klay Thompson said after Game 1 that he thought the Warriors were the better team. If they can win tonight, people might actually start believing that.

–       Stephen Curry with 9 of the first 10 points for the Warriors. You would think the Spurs might have learned something after Game 1. Although, I guess that’s implying there’s anything the Spurs can do.

–       Five-point lead for the Warriors after the first quarter. In Game 1 it was a three-point lead. Looks like they want to follow the same blueprint as the first game, just rewrite a new ending.

–       Looks like Thompson is out to back up his own words by himself. He is having a Curry-like quarter in the second. Bombs away.

–       29 points in the first half from Thompson has the Warriors up 19 at half. I wonder what kind of halftime speech Mark Jackson is going to give to make sure they don’t repeat history.

–       After 5 points in a row, Mark Jackson is quick with the timeout trigger. It’s still a 15-point game though.

–       6 quick points from the Spurs means another timeout. 13-point game. Déjà vu anyone?

–       Down to seven and another timeout from the Warriors.

–       Ouch. That three-pointer at the end of the third by Thompson just let all the air out of the AT&T Center.

–       The Spurs are just chipping away tonight at the lead rather than saving it all for the end. This makes for less drama.

–       A missed Kawhi Leonard three-pointer in the corner might be the end of hope for another big Spurs comeback. It’s still an 8-point game with 2 minutes to go, but the energy doesn’t seem to be there.

–       Who else would hit the dagger but Curry?

–       No miracle tonight. Golden State goes back to Oakland with a 1-1 series split. Obviously they could have had more, but they have to be happy with that. The home court advantage they have is unbelievable.

–       All four second round series are at 1-1. That bodes well for a lot more exciting basketball.